Tricks to Branding Your Event



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Earlier we discussed the power in branding your corporate events. If you were to look at your event like you would a sell, you may discover a great blueprint. A strong marketing strategy is to discover your customer touch points. Time lines are often divided into Pre Purchase, Purchase, and Post Purchase and the same can be done with your event.



Take advantage of attendee registration. Ensure all communication going to potential attendees is branded properly. Often times we’ll build a custom registration site to give registrators the best user experience possible. Remember, everything about your event contributes to the definition of your brand, even if that isn’t your intention. A bloated or difficult registration process will assuredly impact your brand negatively.


While increasing in popularity, the power of film is still too often neglected. Do you have an incredible venue chosen? Do you have great speakers or a new product you’ll be showcasing? Create buzz about your event with a preview film.


Branded Merchandise:

Everybody loves free stuff. Consider giving away a logo’d apparel or office supplies. No budget for free merch? Consider branding your team with logo’d apparel. We’ve seen this easily build team unity while offering attendees convenient assistance when needed.

Brand & Co-Brand Everywhere:

In addition to apparel or free merchandize, try to brand everything. Something as simple as a notepad and pen with your corporate logo for attendees to take notes can communicate your brand is detailed. Try co branding with vendors you bring in. Put your logo (tastefully) everywhere. Walls, napkins, USBs, carpets, centerpieces, anything that makes sense. Think through your event looking for opportunities to brand.

Social Media:

As attendees are tweeting, instagramming and facebooking their experience at your event, consider using a tool like TINT, which will allow you to organize social hubs and display tagged content from anywhere on social media, straight to your screens. This is a great way to not only aggregate your user experiences, but also encourages social media behavior, which will bump your organic brand recognition.


Effective, clean technology is so refreshing and speaks aggressively toward brand image. As everything moves digital, there is no reason why your event shouldn’t also. Event apps are a great way to connect with attendees, seamlessly important information and communicate that your brand is evolving.


Because your event will be rad, we also suggest covering it properly. Get a film guy and a photographer out there to document the brilliance. This can be used for your own social media, used as great content for your digital domains, and can be used as an attendee touch point after the event.



We like to gather emails during event registration and then follow up with surveys, thank yous, photos, and event summaries. Email communication is a great post-event tool to not only remind your attendees of a great experience, but also optimize your next event.


Hopefully you brought a film team out (or had somebody on their phone) to capture the event. One reason why film is so power is it’s post-event use. Sure filming your event will create great content to place on the web, but it’s also a powerful way to remind your attendees how great your event was.

Remember, the overall principle here is to find ways to display and communicate your brand before, during and after your event. Be creative and think outside the box as to ways you can place your brand strategically and when and where you can place your brand in front of your attendees eyes. Events are such a powerful way to let your customers experience your brand. Don’t take that for granted.