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The greatest brand ambassadors you have are your employees. Not only a great source of referrals, your employees are a reflection of your brand. Psychology teaches us that a good reflection of the way you treat others, is the way others treat you. The same can be said about your employees and your brand. Most of the time, a good reflection of your brand is the actions of your employees, but sometimes, there is a disconnect. Sometimes, too much brand budget is spent externally, and your internal team (the true success or failure of your company) never benefits.

Assuming your brand is awesome (which I’m sure it is), it communicates your core values as a company. Your product, your sales process, your client interactions, your advertising campaigns. It tells your audience why you’re great, and a better choice than your competitors. Your brand goes into everything. Your employees need to know that too. Engaging employees with a great brand, motivates employees and builds moral, reinforcing their opinions about their workplace, and the use of their 40 hours every week. Office moral is directly linked to office productivity and office productivity is directly linked to sales.

One extremely effective, often overlooked tool, in which you can allow your team to fully experience your brand, and become converted to it, is with your corporate events. National sales meetings, leadership retreats, service training and seminars. These are all chances you have to wrap your team in the comfort of your brand. Recall that a good brand builds credibility and loyalty. This is also true internally.

Over the years and through all the events we at Simple Science have produced, we have seen the emotional power of a carefully branded event. Your employees want to feel engaged, and unified. They want to understand and feel loyal to their brand. Events give you this opportunity. Here are some effective things we’ve done and seen make a significant impact as we help our clients brand their events.

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1. Spend a little extra budget on things that show you care. You’re probably going to have food at your training seminar, so bring it in from somewhere you know your team will love. They’re worth it. Show them that. Instead of leaving your reps on their own to find transportation back to the hotel, coordinate transportation.

2. Branded merchandise is always a hit. The goal here is to create an experience that permeates past the event itself. A shirt, or hat, or bag with your brand will remind your team of their experience at the event. Again, make a nice. Something you would wear or use.

3. Team building is allowed to be fun. Does your brand believe in team unity? Team building exercises don’t have to be in the conference center, at booths. They are allowed, in fact encouraged, to be fun. Hire a local band, reserve a VIP booth at a sporting event, book a few hours at the spa. It’s often outside the office and work environment where your team will unify most.

4. Utilize the power of film and still photography. Not only an incredible way to document the event, and remind attendees of the experience, but film, music and still photography is a uniquely powerful tool that generates a truly emotional experience. Whether it’s to showcase a team or department that has had success, advertise your strengths, unveil a new product or service, or simply create a unique message from management, we have seen incredible motivation instigate from branded media shown at events.

Remember. Your brand is never more or less than the employees that support it. Take the time and spend the budget to effectively reinforce your brand among those who are its greatest advocates, your employees.