Three Things to Add the WOW Factor to Your Next Event



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It’s very likely that your next event isn’t the first event your attendees have attended. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it an event that they will remember. Here are three things that we see get over looked too much that will have a very positive influence on your next event.


We’ve found that venue selection should never be underestimated. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the mainstream hotels or conference rooms and look for something new and original.  Here’s what we’ve found with unique venue selection:

– attendees like getting out of the hotel.

– you have more options with food and beverage, decor, audio visual, design, etc.

– just by simply being out of the hotel or conference center, you set an entirely new vibe to your event.

– attendees have more incentive to explore the area, furthering their experience.



We have a rich history in application and web development, which is probably why we’re such big fans of embracing technology at our events. Utilizing technology helps entertain, makes you look polished, and can create an overall better attendee experience. Here are some areas you may be able to utilize technology:

– video production

– audio visual graphics

– large screens and 3D visual build outs

– registration sites

– event apps

– entertainment guides



Last but definitely not least is environment design.  In fact, we would argue that the environmental designer is your most important piece in creating a wow experience for your attendees. You can have the coolest venue with the most cutting edge, entertaining technology, but if all those elements, in addition to decor and design, do not flow nicely … your event will be lack luster. An experienced environmental event designer does just what it sounds; he or she ensures your environment is designed in such a manner that is conducive to the experience you’re trying to create.

Does your room layout flow? Are all the elements and details in the right place? Is the lighting right? Are the colors right? Is there enough decor? Or too much decor? It’s hard to really know or understand the value add of environment design until you’ve experienced the contrast. Without equivocation, environment design is the most missed, yet powerful factor in creating a memorable, emotional event experience.

At Simple Science, there are few things we love more than producing amazing corporate events. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like some help or inspiration!