What You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Search Update



Austin Walk






1. On April 21, 2015 Google launched an update to their search algorithm to include mobile analytic data in determining search results.

2. Many expected this roll-out to significantly impact mobile search results, and have named the release “Mobilegeddon”

3. With the launch of Mobilegeddon, Google now incorporates the mobile-friendliness of sites in their search results. For example, a site that ranks #1 organically for “buy blue shirts” on a desktop may no longer rank #1 for that term on a mobile device … especially if their site isn’t mobile optimized.

4. You can check your sites mobile optimization, and confirm that Google has labeled your site as “mobile friendly” – check here.

5. With an already serious increase in mobile traffic worldwide, it is absolutely worth your time and resources to ensure your site is mobile friendly. Review your mobile analytics to make sure you’re fully optimized.

6. Mobile search result rankings have never been so different from desktop search result rankings than they are today.

7. The mobile friendly algorithm is implemented on a page by page basis, so make sure your entire site is mobile optimized.

8. This update is active, live now, and analyzed in real time. This means any update you do today, will immediately affect your sites results (or at least be included in Google’s algorithm).

9. Other factors will still influence your organic search results. A mobile friendly site is just one of many important pieces in the search engine optimization puzzle that has been explicitly defined by Google.

10. Google has posted common mistakes made when building mobile sites. Check it out here.

Let me conclude this list with simple logic that should help govern all your search engine optimization decisions. Always remember that Google’s main objective, in all things, is to give users the best search experience possible. This new algorithm is nothing to be afraid of or intimidated by, rather, it should motivate you to follow suite, and give your audience the best experience possible. If your site sucks on mobile, fix it. Especially if you want to be found online.