How to Make Your Corporate Event Better – Part 2



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Like we stated earlier, your event is a unique opportunity to engage your audience with your brand. The feeling left with your attendees is what they’ll remember most. One reason why content is so important is due to the ability it has to emotionally connect the user to your brand. As we continue to list ways to make your event better, remember that essentially it’s all content and to be memorable,  your event needs good content.

6. Be smart with your food and beverage. Of course you want good food, but try to match the food with the decor… and try to select user/venue friendly foods. (i.e. if you don’t have tables, think finger foods, etc.)

7. Lighting is an extremely effective way to set the vibe of your event. We’ve seen too many events with blazing fluorescent lights, throwing off the decor. Think through the brightness and color of your venue. Think about keeping main lights low and bringing in accent lighting or focal lighting to spice up the decor.

8. The wrong choice of music is just awkward. Too quite and you leave an uncomfortable feeling in the air. The wrong song choice or genre and people will notice.  Bring in the right DJ or else spend the needed time to nail down your playlist because the right music will compliment your event, and blend perfectly, adding to the overall feeling.

9. You can not overthink the decor. You can overdo the decor, but you can’t overthink it. What are you putting where? Why? Be smart, cause decor is crucial.

10. Here at Simple Science, we’re a big fan of utilizing film for events. Whether it’s a sizzle reel or a massive video wall, we’ve found video to be an incredible mood setting tool. Whether it’s playing in the background or part of the main event, find a way to leverage the power of film.

Hopefully the takeaway with these two posts is that with every decision you make, you’ll ask yourself, what impact is this going to have? or How is this going to make my guests feel? If you can comfortably answer those questions, you’re on the path to a great event.