Content. King of the Leads.



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We at Simple Science are firm believers in the power of fresh, relevant content. The term content is king has a very real meaning to us as we’ve witnessed the results that come from good content – High organic google results, low bounce rates, high open rates, and most important, an increase in ROI. We love rummaging the internet looking for other voices joining our own, shouting from the url-tops that CONTENT IS KING.

A recent case study dissected the 733% lead increase experienced by Urjanet, an energy data company, and broke down the specific how-to’s in utilizing content to exponentiate leads. This is what we found:

1. Take a look at the Big Picture. Examine your yearly revenue forecasts, the translation of sales to meet those goals and the amount of leads to generate those sales. Then, set your goals based on your findings.

2. Put on your customer hat. Get in their head. Why does your current customer chose you? Do they have other options? Why don’t they chose you? What would you want to know, see, or have happen if you were a customer searching for [or utilizing] your companies services?

3. Create your core messaging around what your customer wants. The classic “what’s in it for me” mentality is essential here. Understand that ultimately, your customer only cares about what they gain from using your product or services … so market to that.

4. Define, revise and finalize your messaging. Urjanet created a messaging blueprint to ensure brand messaging was not only clear, but also consistent. You’ll notice that the foundation of their messaging was what they could actually do, and prove. (click image for full size)


5. Build a content calendar. Urjanet decided to utilize social media platforms and other avenues to push content at least once a week. This content included:



-Case studies



-Expert QA’s

-White papers

6. Utilize the free, effective marketing available through your company. In harmony with your typical content release, communicate your efforts company wide and encourage your entire team to post and share content on their personal social media accounts. If your content is good, your team should be proud to share.

7.  Analyze your efforts. Each week, Urjanet’s team would evaluate how successful their efforts had been by looking at number of leads, unique visitors, social media followers, and sales. The results were an increase in Q1 to Q2 leads by 733% and rep-to-human interaction increase by 331%.

Too long didn’t read?  Consistently, create good content that your customer actually will find valuable, and share it with the world, because CONTENT IS KING OF THE LEADS.