Value = Generating Leads



Austin Walk




Search Engine Marketing


I love this movie. The ultimate story of hard work and perseverance. But generating new customer leads is not what it once was. Between the iron-fisted gatekeepers screening your calls and the decline of office lines as everybody uses their harder-to-get mobile numbers, the once effective traditional cold calling is usually a massive waste of time and resources. Add to these odds the fact that most consumers have done independent research on their product and are already at the purchase decision, and your lead generation hopes seem futile. So what are your options?

As Alan Gleeson, a digital marketing strategist based in London, puts it … “generating leads through offering value to prospects will be a lot more effective than trying to pitch a cold list of dubious quality.”

Naturally, the next question arises: How Do I Offer Value?

1. The first step in offering value is understanding who your prospects are. Use your web analytics and segment out demographics. Are your prospects 55+ men, that use your site mostly in the morning? Why is this?  Once you understand who your audience, or prospects, are, you can start to target where else they are, and advertise to them there.

For example, if you’re trying to sell running shoes, and you find that a majority of your current customers are middle-aged women, then your potential customers are also middle-aged women. Place your ads on sites, technology, and social media that middle-aged women frequent.

2. Embrace a holistic approach. Most of our clients are extremely successful in their own respective fields. A common theme we find, is they approach each project or assignment with a very broad perspective. Generating leads is no different. Neither affiliate marketing nor Google Adwords is the only way to generate leads. You must embrace as many technologies, platforms, and channels as possible because your potential leads are using an eclectic range of technologies, platforms and channels. After you’ve generated adequate data from a strategy, and proven it unsuccessful, then – and only then – should you abandon it (or come up with a new angle).

3. If you truly offer value … PROVE IT. Did you know that 72% of all millennials have already researched the product prior to purchase? Did you know the most influential factor in service-provider purchases is customer/patient/client reviews? One of the most effective ways to generate leads, is to show your prospects why and how you’re better. Are your reviews easily accessible online? Do you have a lot of them? Do you proactively respond to negative reviews? If not, your competitors do … and that’s who is stealing your leads.