Event App? Yes Please.



Austin Walk






As corporate event experts with an in-house development team, some may say we’re slightly biased toward suggesting your next event includes a custom event app. The reality is, however, a custom event app is a win win for all parties involved. Here are ten reasons why:

1.  Mobile Apps are increasing in popularity. In 2014, 102 billion mobile apps were downloaded worldwide. In 2017, that number is projected to increase to 270 billion.

2. Costs to develop mobile apps are lowering. With the rise of app popularity, the amount of app developers are also increasing. Additionally, the efficiency of out-sourcing development has also increased dramatically with the advent of new technology.

3. Event apps seriously improve your attendee experience. Nothing is more frustrating than missing a highlight of an event. Event apps give your customers a simple, dedicated spot for all and any information you offer.

4. Push notifications are an incredible tool to improve communication at your event. Remind attendees five minutes before a new session starts, poll them on lunch preferences or send them follow-up information. Push notifications are simple and effective.

5. Think of your Brand. We’ve all seen it before. The event is over and littering the ground are programs, maps and agendas. What does that say about your brand? Compare that with a silky event app, fully branded and built for the most optimal user experience.

6. As you digitalize your event experience you naturally create more user friendly opportunities to collect vital customer information. With app downloads, event registration, and in-app messaging, you increase customer touch points.

7. Develop one app and you can reuse it again and again. Sure, you have to add your unique event content, but the framework, and heavy development will already be done. This significantly lowers the overall cost of your app.

8. Poll the audience or start a live group chat. An event app really opens the door for real-time customer engagement, before, during and after your event.

9. Apps can free you of wireless coverage restrictions. As your attendees download the app, they can also download any bandwidth heavy content. This means your attendees will have instant access to information during your event.

10. You have options.  If a dedicated event app isn’t right for your organization, you can still mimic the look and feel of an event app with a mobile site. You lose some unique app functionality, but will still highlight your Brand.