Digital Strategy vs. Digital Tactics



Austin Walk






Often times we use the words strategy and tactics the same way, despite them meaning two different things. Strategy is an identifiable plan or broad set of goals to progress a cause or objective. Tactics, however, are the specifics to accomplish that goal or objective. Tactics are the specific hows in implementing your strategy; a subset of strategy. So what does that have to do with Digital Marketing?

If your Digital Marketing “Strategy” is too reactive and tactical, you will short change your organization’s ability to fully leverage the power found in digital marketing.  Here are some ways you can ensure you’re giving Digital Marketing the strategic role it deserves, and not restricting it to merely increasing channel efficiency :


1. Remember, digital marketing isn’t just SEO and SEM. It encompasses the full gambit of electronic devices … TV, Film, YouTube, GoPros, Apps, Music, Games, Education, etc. Step outside the box and see the full arsenal you have available to you.

2. Use digital technology to instigate conversation. Dove® exemplifies this with their “Real Beauty” campaign as they stirred the pot of discussion and debate with their beauty sketches. Can you do the same?

3. Build a community around your brand. GoPro has leveraged technology to make it insanely simple for their customers to share their footage. This has unified a massive group of like-minded individuals and as their community grows, so does their brand.

4. Let technology make your customers lives better. Whether it’s a customer support app or real time inventory models available to the buyer, think through your customer’s pain points and let technology alleviate. As you improve your customer’s user experience, your brand grows stronger.

5. Let your customer know you’re there, and that you care. As your data comes in, respond to it. Genuinely engaging and interacting with your customer communicates a brand that has its priorities properly placed. Customer events, social media responses and individualized customer service will help your brand shine above your competitions.


As you strive to create beneficial digital experiences for your customer, you will unleash the full brand building potential that digital marketing has to offer. Too many marketers are focused on narrow-scoped tools [like emails and webpages] to build revenue. This is hidebound and reactionary. Instead, look out to your customer and utilize technology for their behalf, and watch your brand grow.